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Why Hire Professional Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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The photographs and video of your wedding will become permanent reminders of what should be one of the best moments of your life. These photographs and videos have to capture not only the ceremony , but everything, including the guests, the mood and the ambience. This is where a professional wedding photographer and videographer are worth their weight in gold.

Reasons for Hiring A Professional Wedding Videographer and Photographer

1. A professional wedding videographer and/or photography know how to capture every single moment of your wedding in all its glory. They can give the video and photographs a polished look, rather than a simple point and shoot effect.

2. Since they have a lot of experience in this type of work, your chosen videographer/photographer can suggest some unique ways to film/edit or photograph your wedding. For instance, the wedding videographer can include a voiceover to narrate the event or they can include different interviews with the guests.

3. Similarly, the wedding photographer can take photographs that work well with the narrative and editing techniques chosen by the videographer.

4. He/she can also help to suggest the right type of music to set a mood for the wedding video.

5. These professionals know how to pull everything together to give you the best final result.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer and Videographer

1. Ask for references from your friends and relatives. Personal recommendations are always better than simply looking in a local directory and choosing someone with the biggest and best advertisement. If someone close to you is confident enough to make a recommendation then you can be sure that the professional is at least capable of doing a good job for you.

2. Search the Internet - again a better option than searching through a directory. Most wedding videographers and wedding photographers will have samples of their work online if they own a website. Just make sure that the samples they are showing are work that they have done themselves and not work they have 'borrowed' from associates, other websites or using royalty free photographs and video.

3. Once you have a good list of wedding videographers/photographers you will need to narrow them down prior to meeting them personally. Again check their samples online, or ask for references that you can speak to. Once you have the references make sure that you call them. Beware though that any references that you are given will only be those that the photographer and videographer are confident will give pass on good comments. But it is still worth investing the time to contact them to see if there are any misgivings at all.

4. When you have narrowed down your potential providers, meet them in person. Ask them to bring their actual video/photographic profiles with them. Every professional photographer should be able to show you real work either in an album or on a DVD, rather than relying on you to view them on the Internet. The real thing will give you a higher definition in terms of color and depth than you would see over the Internet, and will give you a better idea of how your own work will look upon completion.

5. Ask for the all inclusive price. Don't be swayed by a low starting price to only find out that this includes only a very basic service and things that you feel are very important are added later at much higher fees than others who charge higher starting price can include at a lower cost. Of course you are restricted by your budget, but remember this is hopefully the one time you will be doing this, so don't scrimp and save a few dollars on this part of your wedding if there is a good chance you might regret sacrificing some of the additional services that you really want. The wedding day itself is one day, but your wedding videos and photographs are forever.

6. If you have already hired a wedding photographer or photographer make sure they are happy to team up with another professional (videographer if you have a photographer already, or vice versa) for the day to ensure both aspects complement each other and you are left with the best possible result for both services.

7. Once you are sure you have the right videographer and/or photographer, book them immediately. Good professionals get booked up quickly so if they are available for your big day don't take the chance. Be prepared to pay a deposit of anything between 10% and 25%, but once you have paid it that is one less piece of preparation you have to worry about.

8. Two weeks or so before the big day confirm with your photographer and videographer that everything is in place to go, and ask any last minute questions at that time to ensure any fixes that need to be put in place can be done with ample time.

Proper planning and a focused effort in choosing your wedding photographer and videographer will allow one of the best moments of your life to be captured perfectly. This is hopefully a one shot deal, so don't take any chances.

Author: Earl Gardner

Earl Gardner (Southwest Florida Videography and Photography Services, www.weddingvideographerphotographer.com).