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Wedding Don’ts

Author: CShipe

Understanding what is tacky, impolite, and downright dumb to do before and during your wedding can sometimes be a confusing proposition for an etiquette-challenged bride.  It can seem as though there are hundreds of points you might stumble on along the journey.  However, having the grace to know the right action or phrase to say at the right moment can make the day absolutely perfect.  Here are some things to avoid to ensure the best wedding possible.

As an episode of Desperate Housewives stated, “Brides are delicate creatures.”  One common ‘don’t’ that many brides forget is the bridesmaid dresses.  It is likely with a few girls and different tastes that someone will dislike the dress you pick out.  However, if more than two of the girls dislike their dress, perhaps you have varying styles in the same color.  Or multiple colors of the same dress.  Thinking creatively will not only please all your bridesmaids, but it will give your wedding party a unique and memorable look.  For my wedding, I had several different colors of the same dress so each bridesmaid could pick what color she thought looked best on her.  Even though it is your big day, including your bridesmaids in the decision for their dresses allows you to show them how much you value their input and opinion.

Speaking of gowns, don’t buy your wedding dress in a smaller size and plan on losing weight.  Wedding dresses are sized completely differently from any other clothes anyway, so don’t let the size on the tag depress you.  Even though I wore a size four in clothes when I got married, my wedding dress was a size twelve.  See what I mean?  If you do plan on shedding some pounds before your wedding, make sure you do it in a safe way by gradually working down to your goal size.  Then, if your dress is too big a couple weeks before the big day you can always have it taken in to fit you.
One of the biggest “don’ts” for a wedding is to not forget the groom.  Although you will probably do the majority of the planning for your wedding, be sure to ask him if there is any part of the celebration he feels strongly about or would like to help with.  Who knows, he might really want to pick out the band or DJ for the reception or have a specific reading he wants his cousin to perform for the wedding.  Even if his suggestions may seem a little strange to you, remember it is his wedding too and this is an opportunity to compromise and work through issues for your future life together.  Planning a wedding is a process that leads to the biggest celebration of your life.  Will every detail be perfect?  Probably not, but by relaxing and enjoying your big day it will be a successful beginning to your married life.

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