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The True Meaning of a Wedding behind the Wedding Favors

Author: Aaron Hu

What is the true meaning of the word wedding? The mere word alone makes grown men weak in the knees, and inspires tears of wonderment and joy from a woman’s eyes. It makes hearts flutter, palms sweaty, and family and friends rejoice. But what does it mean really?

Everyone has their own idea of what a marriage and wedding should be. Just as no two people on this Earth are exactly alike, the same is also true about weddings. There are now two weddings on the planet that are exactly alike. Everyone wants their wedding to stand apart from all of the rest. They hire caterers to provide delicious meals for their guests to consume and enjoy, and even go out of their way to find unique wedding favors.

Weddings and marriage mean more then what color dress the bride wears, or what wedding favors are to be given out at the reception. They are about the joining of two kindred spirits and about uniting them to be one. Weddings, along with all of the hard work which goes into them all the way from the creative process to the exchanging of the rings, are about love. The ceremony is symbolic for the love shared between the bride and the groom, for all to experience.

The after parties thrown once the ceremony is over are for everyone present to relish in the ambiance, and glory exuded from their loved ones unity. Generally during the after party there are toasts made, memories shared for all that are present to chuckle at, and wishes of life long happiness for the unified couple to share together. All in all, the symbolism of a wedding is unity not just for the bride and the groom, but for all who attend as well.

People once would throw rice after the newly married couple would leave the ceremony and head to their awaiting vehicle. Alas as time has gone by, this tradition has been substituted with the throwing of confetti or flower petals. There are of course still celebrations in which as a symbol of love, peace, and unity, two white doves are released from a cage to fly off into the wild blue sky. These particular practices are a commemorative seal to the occurrence, meaning that they are done as a closing to the day’s event. After all is completed, the couple usually rushes off on their honeymoon.

All of these practices are included as part of a wedding. The fact is however that a wedding does not cease to be just because two people say “I do”. Every day which passes after the glitz and glam, is also considered to be a wedding. The reason is because the couple lives from that day forth in harmony, and unity as one. The mere word itself is just another formality and way of saying “as one”. It is a way to publicly proclaim that which is felt within a couples hearts and souls. It is a way to boldly assert all of the emotions in which one person makes another feel. It is complete acceptance of someone, a proclamation of “take me as I am with all of my flaws and imperfections”. It is the ultimate eye witness account of unconditional love. This is why everyone dreams of their own wedding, and why regardless of how it shall be celebrated, it will seem as perfect as a Hollywood love story with a happy ending.