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The Traditional Wedding Dance

Author: Jane Martin

For many years the art of ballroom dancing was some what quiet, but recently many young couples are learning to it, especially for their wedding day. There has been a renewed interest in the traditional wedding dance, and couples are seeking out the right dance studios to learn how to do this style of dancing so they are ready for their wedding day.

If you are having a reception after your wedding, there is usually music and dancing. Your special first dance after becoming man and wife is magical. You can make it more magical by being able to actually do some dance instead of just swaying back and forth.

Go take some dance lessons as a couple, and learn to waltz or one of the other romantic dances to do for your wedding dance. Also pick out a favorite song to dance to that both you and your future spouse will enjoy. You should actually know what song you want before going for dance lessons than the instructor can fit your dance to the music.

Just think of how memorable it will be to dance beautifully as husband an wife. You may even astonish your friends and family with your dancing ability. That would make the dancing doubly fun to have learned. Search out a dance studio that you are totally comfortable with.

You can also sign up to have lessons in a group, in case your relatives would also like to brush up on their dancing. Group lessons can be quite enjoyable and a great way for the family to bond.

The order of the dance usually follows a certain pattern. For the first song the bride and groom take the floor first and dance alone. Then for the second song the bride's father starts dancing with his daughter the bride, then moments later the groom's mother starts dancing with her son the groom. For the third song the attendants in the wedding usually dance together. And then in the fourth song the guests can join in the dancing, the attendants usually start asking the guests to dance or the parents of the bride and groom. Remember for the most part the bride and groom are still dancing together.

Some dance studios will even offer to teach dancing at the wedding reception to all the guests. This is usually just an introductory lesson that is very quick. The instructor should be someone who has done these quick lessons before for it to work smoothly. This can be a lot of fun for the guests at your wedding.

It is true that a waltz is lovely for the first dance that the bride and groom dances. But all the music does not have to be waltz tunes. You can shake it up a bit with the cha-cha, hustle, tango, rumba, or the very dramatic Argentine tango. Oh lets not forget the foxtrot too. All of these dances can be learned during dance lessons at a qualified dance studio. It just depends on how much time you can spend learning the dances. Just remember you can fun with the music regardless and mix up the beats a bit. So enjoy the dancing at your wedding.

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