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September 19, 2012

By: Gust Bassianotis

Among all the many details and choices that come with planning your wedding, picking the location for the wedding ceremony probably rates pretty high for most couples.

I have three words I want to leave with you to stress the importance of one aspect of location and they are: space, space, space.
Make sure you take time to work out the details relating to the amount of space you'll need for:

you and you finance'
the wedding attendants
the wedding officiant
any extra pieces of furniture, foliage and support items
It's critical to take time and work out these detail with your wedding venue manager or coordinator along with the details relating to space for not only the ceremony but also your celebration party as well. You seriously cannot be too specific about the details of your ceremony and its reception. Your venue professional should take the time to show you how they set up the room, arrange the seating, where you will stand as bride and groom, the wedding party and more as required for your special day. It might sound silly, but taking a measuring tape with you to take measurements and assess the space to make sure it meets your needs wouldn't be out of the question. Check out the property's arrangements to make sure you have the space you'll need to relax on your wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venues are interested in renting space and selling food. Events can range from Auto Shows to Bead Extravaganzas. Venues are especially interested in efficiency. After the wedding ceremony is performed in a given room, the guests are invited out into the foyer as hired help comes in, rearranges the seats and brings in tables for the reception.

Some properties offer a separate room for your wedding ceremony which can be much more relaxing as your guests move from your ceremony to the reception.

Be specific and get every question answered about your ceremony and reception room layouts. You should also ask if you are guaranteed to have the room you negotiated for. Some venues will change your location so that they may accommodate other receptions that will be signing on after you do. Again, get specific and get your agreement framed in a written contract.

Enjoy Planning Your Wedding!

Gust Bassianotis - Wedding Minister/Officiant

Source: http://www.detroitweddingofficiant.com