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September 19, 2012


By: Gust Bassianotis - Wedding Officiant/Minister
It's the day before your wedding - when everything seems so perfect - and then you turn on the evening weather to check the forecast, and the weather guy decides not to play along!

Oh well, it's only a bit of rain. There's no need to worry.

Really! I'm serious!

Rain on your wedding day can be an absolutely awesome if you just take a moment to remember you cannot do anything to change it, and look on the bright side. It actually means you're going to have a long and happy marriage - at least that's the traditional wisdom. So take heart.

I have learned after being part of hundreds of wedding ceremonies that a bit of rain and wind (even a lot of rain and wind) can create conditions that are rare, unexpected, and extraordinary opportunitied for photographs; some funny, some dramatic, some just purely astonishing! But you really do have to embrace the weather for a decent crack at the best shots. Imagine for a moment, if you will, walking down a small gravel road, huddled under an umbrella as the rain pelts down around you. Now imagine the wind whipping that umbrella inside out, then your new hubby reaching up to correct the umbrella, or stretching over to cover you with his jacket.

The reality is that you need to be prepared for rain. Typically, a ceremony at a venue which was planned to take place outdoors is simply moved inside. But if the ceremony was to take place at a county park, a couple and their guests might have to drive a significant distance to get to the venue. Because the ceremony is taking place at a later time, the caterer's schedule might need to be changed. Some caterers will do this; others won't.

On your wedding invitations, you might want to include an alternate plan telling the guests where to go in the event the primary location is rained out. In the event of rain (or threat of it), and you elect to move the ceremony indoors, one of your ushers should stay behind at the original site to direct your guests tot he alternate location.

As your wedding officiant, it is my responsibility to stay positive and optimistic about your wedding celebration. The worst thing that can happen is to have an officiant who talks more about the bad weather and neglect the reason for the event, and that is to celebrate your love. So yes, if it rains, let it rain! And be very happy that there are a massive array of reflections and raindrops to catch your memories, and that your family and friends are enjoying your special day.

Have Fun Planning Your Wedding!