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How to Look Great in your Wedding Photos!
Tips to look your best.

Selecting photo shoot location.

1. In a typical wedding, the formals and creative portraits are taken in the few hours between the end of the ceremony and start of the reception. Therefore, you want make the most of the time you have with your photographer for your creative portraits. To ensure you get the pictures you want, scope out some locations before you even meet your photographer. Have an idea of what theme you would like your photos to have (i.e. urban setting or natural setting) and specific locations you would like to go to. Remember to provide this information to your photographer.

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2. If possible, try choosing a location that has meaning to you and your partner. Locations where you first met, shared your first kiss, had first date, or had your proposal are ideal! Shooting at these locations will bring out so much more emotion when looking at your images.

3. If schedule is important, choose a location that is within 15 minutes driving time of your ceremony site and reception site. Remember, excessive driving time will cut into photo time.

4. When selecting the location, remember to account for the time it takes to park your vehicle and also walking (in heels) to the scenic location. There is nothing worse than having to cut locations for your wedding photos or be over an hour late for your reception because of scheduling issues.
Selecting a photographer.

1. Besides budget, the most important thing is personality. Choose a photographer that you can connect with and have a good laugh! There is nothing worse than having a photographer where you personalities do not mesh well. This could lead to awkwardness during the photo shoot and images where the facial expression is not natural or uncomfortable.

Preparations for wedding.
1. Sleep: Get enough sleep (8 hours minimum) the night before your wedding to avoid tired eyes in your wedding photos.

2. Hair: Do not use any shimmery or glittery hair gel / spray because sparkles catching the light turn white in photos and end up looking like dandruff in your hair.

3. Makeup: A professionally trained makeup artist should know this, but everyday "day" makeup application is not the same as application for photography or glamour. So if you are doing your own make up, please add some dimension to your face by using blush, bronzer, and highlight powder -- there are some "how to" guides on the Internet to help you achieve this. Or you can also head to your local MAC where the staff there will show you how and where to apply these items, and what is suitable for your bone structure. Please practice a few times with the entire make up ensemble before your wedding day.

4. Facials: A lot of brides like to get treatment for their skin for their wedding.  If you getting a facial, make sure to schedule your spa session at least 2 weeks before the wedding.  That way if anything goes wrong (allergies or over exfoliation), your skin will have time to heal back to normal before the wedding day.

5. Dress: A bustle is very handy. Make sure to have a bustle installed and/or a loop sewn inside for you to hold up the dress train with your hand. Sometimes bridesmaids forget to do their "duty".

6. Tide Pen: This handy little pen can remove stains which are bound to happen on a white dress. Make sure to follow the tide pen's instructions and test the tide pen in an inconspicuous location of your dress before you use it.

7. Food & Water: Things tend to get very busy during the wedding, and before you know it, you may have skipped breakfast or lunch.  Have snacks and water handy to keep hydrated and your energy levels up so you can enjoy your day!

The wedding day.
1. Perfume/deodorant: Always apply these items prior to putting on the dress as it may stain your dress.

2. Walking down the aisle: Remember to walk down the aisle one at a time. Walk slowly so your photographer can take multiple photos in case you blink. During the walk, look at your guests, look at the groom, enjoy your day, and avoid looking at the camera or the floor.

3. Have fun, relax and enjoy your day! Take time for each other and think about your day.