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Bridal Makeup Tips

Author: Moon Atland

Bridal makeup is very important for every girl world over. It is one of sweet dreams of every girl cherishes since childhood. Bridal makeup has to be perfect and special as it is once in life event. Bridal makeup should be such that when photographed in bright lights, it should look natural. Overworked bridal makeup makes many girls look like a ghost in photographs. Are you seeking advice Ayurvedas Beauty Care for your bridal makeup. Bridal makeup does not mean only makeup on the face; it has to complement with wedding dress and jewelry. Sparkles and glitters are part of bridal makeup. Bride can wear any bright color tone like red, fuchsia or maroon.

Bridal Makeup is completed on wedding day but bride should start preparing for it for many days in advance. She must consult her makeup Ayurvedas Beauty Care for advice many days before wedding day. Use light or medium shades of lipstick. For applying lipstick, first prepare base over lips. It will help lipstick to stay longer. Then draw outline with lip liner and fill it with lip color. Apply two coats of lipstick to make it long lasting. In the end apply lip gloss.

If you need to clean sweat drops from your face, do not wipe or rub the face rather blot them otherwise rubbing can remove makeup from that place and patches will appear there. Bridal makeup should also take care of photographs also. Do not apply pink foundation as it will appear pale in photos. Apply foundation on all the exposed portions like neck, back and hands apart from face. With full instructions and you can always contact us through our site at http://www.ayurvedasbeautycare.com