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 Bachelorette Party Tips

Author: Lois Reyes

When it comes to wedding time, bachelorette parties are easy to plan and provide the bride-to-be and their guests with an enjoyable experience at which married women can share their secrets and advice and the singles can share with their lucky friend all those questions in the air that she will soon discover.

A bachelorette party is a great occasion to play games, exchange cooking recipes, make-up tips or even go dinning outside and have some fun like men do. Times have changed and for not less than two or decades behind on time, woman have also enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy surprise cakes with handsome guys in thong jumping up from inside or going together to attend a Chippendale's Show and share a drink at their local venue.

Although there are not necessary bartender skills, make sure to have at hand wine and drink recipes to warm the party as it goes. Alcohol plays an important role in both bachelor and bachelorette parties, although the advice to eat with pleasure and drink with measure is common heard at any party regardless its nature.

Some popular bachelorette party drinking games include "Quarters", involving a quarter of wine, rum or brandy put into play, Anchor Man, played between two teams for a beer, Asshole, a cards game in which the less lucky is ordered to drink what higher ranks order, and FUBAR, another cards game consisting in questions and answers which penalty is drinking as many shots as the game dictates.

Because bachelorette parties are too enjoy, do not be surprised finding popular drinking mixes with funny names such as "Between the Sheets" (brandy, rum and triple sec), Virgin (gin and white crème de menthe), "Blow Job", (Kailua topped with whipped cream), "Flaming Orgasm" (beer and rum flamed with more room), "Get Laid" (vodka, raspberry liquor and fruit juices), "Pop The Cherry" (cherry brandy with orange juice), etc.

At a bachelor party, besides drinking and playing, there are countless items you should consider to make the event more enjoyable, including drinking accessories because, let's face it, bachelor and bachelorette parties are a great excuse for drinking out so have fun with penis drink bottles, penis, straws, penis mugs, penis shot glasses, and even penis drink napkins and paper decorations.

Veils are also common accessories to wear during the playing time and are the perfect frame to share stories whether they are real, fictional, or jocular. Although bachelorette party veils are cheaper than bridal veils, you can find from simple nylon to fine tulle, cotton, or silk. Round your bride parody wearing hats, tiaras and headbands, penis crowns and devil horns specially designed for this occasion.

You can also get an inflatable doll to play with, usually available at many wedding and party supplies stores. Blow up bachelorette party dolls can be male or devil shaped dolls or 5-6 feet inflatable penises. Party piñatas, candy bouquets, pecker party straws, and trays are only some bachelorette party items that you can find to spice your own.

Lois Reyes is a wedding planner and staff writer for Wedding Printer. Wedding Printer is your one stop shop for Wedding Supplies, Wedding Invitations, and Wedding Favors.