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4 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth For Your Wedding Reception

By Bob Keppel

4 Reasons to Rent a Photo Booth For Your Wedding Reception

You can't have it all: a DJ, band, videographer, photographer, huge cake, 5 star facility, etc. Unless of course you're a Trump (lucky you).

So why, with an average cost of around $800, is it smart to add a photo booth to your budget?

First, for the money, absolutely nothing adds as much excitement to your reception. Not even $800+ of alcohol! Break the ice with your attendees and give people something to talk about. Family members that haven't seen each other for a long time will be eager to take photos of themselves together...who knows when their next meeting will be?

Second, you're capturing permanent memories. Not just posed photos, but really spontaneous pictures of your and family acting goofy with odd props. You can take these photos and add them to scrapbook or take digital copies and upload them online.

Third, the booth is an opportunity to create contests. Maybe have the DJ stage a "funniest photo" contest. You can create trading games at tables with the photo strips as game pieces.

Finally, your guests will have the ultimate souvenir to take home from your wedding. How many party favors do you actually post on in your kitchen? That's a really valued party favor!

So add fun, memories, games, and a great party favor to your reception by renting a photo booth from a professional rental company. They will set up the booth, attend to the booth during the party, and pack the booth when the party is finished.

Bob Keppel is a marketing consultant with Divine Moments, a Portland, Oregon photo booth rental company.

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